NBA 2K14 Continued

I finally had some time to try out some other game modes, so I’m gonna finish up my review. Besides quick match, the two most important modes are the, “association,” and the, “my career.” I’ve played through an entire association already and have to say that I’m quite happy with it. They kept all the things from the all-star break that they had in last year, which, besides the guitar hero like dunk contest, is still really fun. And since I did a fantasy association, it was nice to see that during drafting the computer teams actually seemed to be smarter then last year. Before they usually just pick whoever is near the top, but this year it actually seemed like the computer was trying to build a team around there first pick which made the games a lot more interesting. The my career though is still my main reason for getting this game. They didn’t really change anything from last year, but last year was pretty much perfect for it, so that’s great. In it, you have a lot more of control of your players future with the option to sit down with your teams GM and air your grievances. From saying you want more minutes, to saying you want to be traded, there’s a lot of choices given for you to try and get what you want. With all this said, 2K14 will definitely be a game I’ll be playing for a long time, so this is definitely a must if you like basketball.


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